Upper Newleycombe Valley Walk23.07.2017 Upper Newleycombe Valley Walk
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Start: 10:30 o’clockEnd: 17:00 o’clock
Calendar: GeneralLocation: Whiteworks, Dartmoor

Meet at SX 604 708 (before Whiteworks car park). Approx. 4 hour walk, approx. 3 miles.

This walk is a continuation of the earlier Lower Newleycombe tin mines walk last year. This time we start from the top of the valley and look at the lode-back pits, shafts and inclines on Chance Hill that lead to the old Wheal Chance dressing floor, looking at some interesting remains on the way. We then explore the rather spectacular open works at Willabeam and a reservoir above, then down to the whim plat near Cramber and on down to the rather mysterious longitudinal reservoir and possible tin mill by the brook, and back up the valley past the East Hughes remains and a cache. Bring lunch. Some rough ground and small leaps across the stream, but no boggy ground!

Walk Leader: David Eeles

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